RR #24: The Story So Far – Summary of Episodes 1 to 23

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, our lads lived in a really nice town somewhere in the United States. Haven Falls was inexplicably chock-full of sexy gay and bisexual men; a fact they were all quite pleased about. Unfortunately not everyone in town was nice, especially the town’s mortician, Henry Vale, who was mixed up in a big way with the Russian Mafia, the Bratva.

Henry, being a really bad guy, chopped Flynn Archer’s dad into bits.  Vale’s assistant, Stan, tried to tip Flynn off, that’s how Flynn ended up in Haven Falls. Unfortunately for Stan, he ended up in Vale’s crematorium incinerator. So when Flynn came looking, all he found was his Dad’s hands, and not much else. He did find the sexy young teacher, Aiden Parker, though, which was definitely good. Oh, and he did kill Henry Vale, so that has to be counted as being good too, doesn’t it?

Not knowing Henry Vale’s dark side, a new trainee mortician called Lyle Tate came into town. Lyle, on the run from the Italian mafia, was already living under an assumed name, so when Henry threatened to tell his pursuers where he was, he was far from happy.

Standing on the sidelines were Doctor Miles Sutherland and paramedic Carter ‘Gil’ Gillespie. To cut a long story short, which can be read in “The Hands”, it was thanks to dogs, diaries and devotion to duty that these two were able to save Flynn’s life when he was badly injured in the deadly brawl with Vale.

Now to more recent events…

You couldn’t get two more different lovers than the gentle Aiden Parker and the streetwise cocky ‘bad boy’ Flynn Archer. Aiden really hasn’t gotten over being kidnapped, seeing his boyfriend stab his captor to death with a pen then sitting by his hospital bedside day after day, hoping he’d regain consciousness. The last straw was when Flynn disappeared.

Enter Eidolon…

Eidolon seem to be some sort of international organisation with a sideline in witness protection. Agent Breslaw, who took over looking after Lyle when his first ‘minder’, Tyler, went AWOL, brought Eidolon in because he wanted to keep all of our lads safe from the Bratva.

The shadowy organisation’s figurehead, Ms Sandra Pierce, persuaded them all to go into hiding on a nice tropical island. That’s where they live now, though they aren’t exactly thrilled about their new home, since the place is so isolated and has been hit by a couple of cyclones recently. They’re also grumpy because of their strained interpersonal relationships and the secrets they’re trying to keep from each other. The only thing they really have in common (beside being horny) is their distrust of Eidolon.

Looking out for them on their ‘Mystery Island’ is Gideon Sterling, formerly UK military and now Security Chief of their private ‘paradise’. He’s good with DIY and guns. He recently moved Lyle into his office, and there’s something going on between them, though it might not be sex.

While Gideon wasn’t looking, Doctor Miles Sutherland, still moping about his late partner, Darren, has been kidnapped and taken to the neighbouring island of Rapatoka. He doesn’t really mind this as he is getting to do doctor stuff, because the island’s resident nurse, Caroline, is laid up with a bad leg, which he has already managed to make a little better.

The seaplane that carried our lads on the last leg of their journey has now returned from Eidolon’s Oceania HQ, bringing with it Sandra Pierce, Flynn Archer, Gideon’s security team and a bunch of other people who are going to repair the buildings on Mystery Island.

It’s not exactly clear what Eidolon has in store for the lads, but Flynn’ s expertise in getting through locked doors and Lyle’s familiarity with computers and surveillance systems have already sparked their interest.

Aiden is thrilled to bits to have his lover back, though he still seems to be acting rather weird despite all the cuddling Flynn is giving him. They both want to know what the hell’s going on, and Flynn, is convinced that Lyle Tate—whom he calls ‘Jude’—knows more than he’s letting on. He’s threatening to beat the truth out of Vale’s former employee.

Carter ‘Gil’ Gillespie is concerned about the disappearance of his latest squeeze, even though Miles has barely spoken to him since witnessing his good-bye kiss from Lance, the sexy Sheriff, when they left town.  He’s also currently  trying to work out how to repair his friendship with  his transgendered one night stand, and buddy, Lyle, who seems really pissed at him for getting it on with the Doc. Gil is now feeling terribly alone and incredibly homesick.

Unable to believe how little interest Sterling seems to have in the disappearance of Miles and peeved at the security chief’s seeming inaction, Gil sets out alone to look for him. He discovers his dog, Roofie, but in attempting a rescue falls into the same camouflaged hole and is badly injured. He manages to free the dog but is now stuck at the bottom of the deep shaft.

Gideon Sterling, whilst pre-occupied with the presence of Sandra Pierce—and the restraint being required of his men as she tries to countermand his orders to them—has nevertheless told his security team to keep an eye out for Sutherland. He thinks the mopey Doc is just hiding out somewhere while he gets his head and heart together.

Miles is trying to get his head and heart together. He reveals to Caroline that Darren died because of him. While being held for ransom in Somalia where they were working for an aid agency, Miles needed comforting after a brutal beating. The guards, realizing they were lovers, gang raped Darren, and in the process he was infected with HIV/AIDS.

Pierce doesn’t care whether the Doc is alive or dead—he’s already served his purpose by helping her acquire the best possible seaplane for Eidolon’s use. She’s pissed off though by Gideon’s report that the natives on Rapatoka have been filching Mystery Island’s resources. Next morning, an armed guard is going to accompany her so she can lay down the law to its residents.

Now read on…..

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  1. A.B. Gayle says:

    It took 24 episodes just to say that? Wow, this really is a soap…

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