About Redemption Reef

Redemption Reef is a new online soap opera following the lives of a number of characters. The only thing most of them have in common is that they are gay.

They first met in a town called Haven Falls in the online soap of the same name created by Remmy Duchene. You can find more about what happened there in the free downloadable story: The Hands

As this story progresses, check in here for the updated background of exactly where and what Redemption Reef is.

Over time we hope to have other authors bring in new characters to join our cast. Keep checking back. You never know who will turn up!

Because this soap is free, the authors would from time to time like readers to express their appreciation by supporting different charitable causes.

It is envisaged the charity chosen will change regularly.

UPDATE 11th March 2011: I don’t think we realised how regularly our charity might change when we decided this was one of our aims. Our hearts go out to everyone who has suffered in the recent earthquake in Japan. Our next suggested charity is therefore the Red Cross who are coordinating efforts with their Japanese counterparts to alleviate the suffering there. If you wish to donate to their efforts therefore, the link is below. Since it hasn’t been five minutes since the New Zealand quake, we’re leaving their link up too. Thank you.


You can also donate to Save the Children. The link is as follows:


Redemption Reef may be a mythical place, but New Zealand is probably its largest major neighbour and was for a time Caroline’s home. Given the devastation caused by the recent earthquake in Christchurch, it is  only appropriate we ask you to direct any donations to Red Cross New Zealand. The organisation the NZ Government feels best equipped to help.